Style Like a Celeb

I love the feeling of “paparazzi catching my fly and my cocky fresh” -Queen Bey  

Once you take a few pieces; put them together; get dressed; and walk up to that mirror, you too should be looking for the Paparazzi.  That’s what we are meant to do…SLAY!

I went with a pair of LONG distressed jeans; compliments of Amalli Talli, a boutique which caters to ladies who are 5’9″ and taller; a casual white bodysuit, gold pumps and earrings, and a red blazer.  The blazer is what I call a statement piece, as it stands out and compliments the overall look.  I chose a simple choker to not overpower or take away from the blazer.  So many love a statement necklace, which is fine, but be certain not to have your chest area too busy.

Top: Nordstrom
Bottoms: Amalli Talli
Shoes: Gianni Bini from Dillard’s
Choker: Samantha Placensia designs

Celebs are always caught looking busy; on their cell phones; or using half wave half shoo motions with their hand to the paparazzi.  These are the ques that I used to make this look similar to celebrity styles.  The women are always sporting a basic look with a blazer and pumps; therefore, the look works.  If you need answers to dressing from your busy closet, read back to the Styled by MEek post.


Back to life, back to reality…

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