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There’s so much to a look than just putting pieces together to run out of the door.  Each piece paired is a representation of you.  It shares your personality, character, thoughts, and even attitude.  This is truly your IMAGE.  Why would you allow your IMAGE to showcase anything other than a good representation of what you want to be seen/remembered as/for?
I get it, you don’t care what others think of you, but…
– Are you okay with accepting being called just a mom?
– She’s such and such’s wife
– The lady in the moomoo
– She’s old (but you’re only 38)
– The sloppy looking lady
These are the vibes given off when you enter into world; solely based off of what your clothing portrays.  I am certain you want an identity of your own in this world of IDs.  
Clutter: I keep my closet clutter free.  If you are not on the menu for months, you will not be in the refrigerator.  I will ween out those unwanted pieces quick. Sometimes once a quarter.  I am doing it now.  Having a clear closet is like having a clear mind; you are able to see what’s available. 
Ironing: I am guilty of never wanting to iron anything; therefore, I keep my clothing neatly organized to avoid a solid wrinkle look.  Light wrinkles are okay and usually gone within minutes.
Closet Prep: I am guilty of closet prepping and outfit planning for weeks and even months at a time.  I use this strategy for my children and myself.  This process allows for ease of dressing in the mornings and the ability to look great without much effort.
STOP Shopping: Do not yell at me, but until you get your closet in order; do not purchase anything else to add to it.  If your mind is already boggled with what to wear, this will only cloud your judgement even more.  Put the card away and breath honey, you can organize and live.
With those items that you choose to hold on to, start having fun playing dress up.  Add a cardigan, blazer, or kimono.  Wrap and button down top around your waist wearing shorts, a skirt, or your FAV pair of jeans.  Do cuff those long skinny jeans and add a pair of pumps and basic tank.  A closet of clothing is a closet of magic.  You can create your own style by just opening the closet door and breathing in what you have; besides, you are the person who purchased those items in the first place…RIGHT?

Lastly, I hear this a lot; “oh my mother/grandmother/great aunt or whomever bought this for me”, which indicates that they cannot part ways with it.  Honey child, let it go.  Just hand it over to Goodwill for Lucy or Betty to fall in love with it.  Do not think twice and you will thank me later.

Back to Life, back to reality…
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