Success…How Do You Measure It?

Looking very chic and successful

There is so much in this world to be accomplished.  It’s truly every individual’s own responsibility to determine what matters most in their bubble and what makes them feel successful.  For me, it’s a group of things, which I have listed below from least to most important; yet they all matter and make me understand what I thrive for on a daily basis.

Now to learn what success means to me!

5.  Being able to afford the luxuries in life that I have always dreamed of without breaking the bank and in some cases the ability to buy what I want at the drop of a dime.  Some may deem a person materialistic for feeling this way, which is their opinion.  As for me, I disregard any thought of feeling this way, whether someone thinks that of me or not, because I work hard for 2 reasons: to BUY and SAVE.  And that is what I do

4.  The ability to have money in my savings account to afford me several years of living whether or not I work is a huge deal to me.  Hence I mentioned SAVE on #5.  I do not want to watch my bank account or worry or stress or cry on a daily basis that I work to pay bills.  I do not want to live a life where I am never able to enjoy what I work for.  It’s very important to me to be able to live a life of prosperity in my very own and having money is the means of being able to do so.

3.  Helping others along the way is a huge thing for me.  I am only as successful as the persons I have sewed a seed into.  From my younger years until now, my journey is not fulfilled if I am not helping others.  Whether it be through giving advice, material/financial donations, lending a helping hand to a friend in need, or just handing over supplies to a less fortune family; count me in.  If I did not have to name my hardwork and accomplishments and family into this list; helping others would be #1.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I have always wanted to be and I never ask for public recognition because I know my giving is sufficient and appreciated.  I can go on and on on this one, but I’m done

2.  I take pride in taking care of my family.  My husband and children are the mold of my success.  They push you to the next level because you choose not to let them down.  Failure is not an option when two little girls see you as the world, a fashion designer, runway model, fashion show producer, the best fashion blogger to ever exist, and so much more.  If ever you ask Claire what her mom does, good luck listening; as she will mention 12 things and I probably only do 2 of those.  Teehehee! My baby thinks I own the fashion industry and I love it.  It’s important for me to make sure that all I do, I remember how important my family is to me as they are my biggest supporter.  From time-to-time, I give without consulting with Cody, because I assume he will agree.  Pwahahahahaha!

1.  My biggest accomplishment thus far is fighting all obstacles that I was/am up against in the 33 years of my life.  Not letting my situation get the best of me and continuing through high school to achieve a diploma.  Then on to the best school in Louisiana to receive my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications.  On to holding some very important careers leading up to the establishment of my very own Non-profit organization; A LIFE BRAND NEW HOME, INC.  Developing a parenting program to teach life skills and writing my very first book; a parenting workbook titled Raising a Well Balanced Family.  And then, and then, and then.  I continue to push for what’s next in my career to assure I can live up to the standards my girls know about me.  The greatest accomplishment would be my current career, a Regional Sales Director with American Express.  This position arose right before my 30th birthday and I am hoping to be here until retirement.  AMEX has allotted me so much opportunity to be able to easily tackle #2-5; opening doors from a financial perspective that very few companies can do for a woman at my age.  I am ever grateful to have put in the work at Townsquare Media and Sinclair Broadcast Group to be able to be recruited by such a well-established, well-known company.  This opportunity truly defines the phrase, “the sky is the limit”. 

0.  I cannot fail to mention that this photo shoot was hella successful because I did not pop out of any of these buttons and blind the photographer.  Pwahahah!  I grabbed this dress from Lush Boutique in Lake Charles right before going on vacation and let’s just say, getting into it for this photoshoot was quite a task.  I definitely see this as success.

I know you can see those buttons stretched to the max.  But it all worked out in my favor.

Chat later!


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