Teenie Weenie Shorts

I’m familiar with my lack of casual cute looks on the blog;  therefore, I’m opening myself up with this cute, casual look that I’m sure you’ll love. 
Here’s my philosophy on shorts. Wear your size. That’s it. I’m long; long legged that is; therefore, I have to choose my shorts wisely, in efforts to always present myself as classy.  I can truly say that I struggled to give up my extremely short shorts, when I met my husband; and he basically said those are for Goodwill. I had over 20 pairs. Imagine how my heart felt. 
Now that I have daughters, I’m harder on myself about my shorts than he was.  Soooo, now I realize that he was just preparing me for this time in my life when I’m the #1 role model in their lives, which simply means that I must lead by example.  I even struggled being comfortable in overly short shorts because of this very reason.  I dug out that confidence to style these nice distressed shorts, which my honey questioned.  Teehehee!  It’s all good
Not only did I feel great in these shorts, I felt great wearing this look.  My shirt hosts the face of Marilyn Monroe.  Although I am not HUGE fan, I do relate with my name being Meek Monroe.  I like the ring and the resemblance to her name.  People always reference her when I saw Meek Monroe, so it’s only right that I wear in shirt to relate.  *shrug
I love my legs and the way they standout when I wear shorts or even skirts/dresses.
 These leather flats are a pair of my favorite.  Nice comfortable shoe for a walk in the park.
Shirt: JcPenney
Vest: Boutique in Austin (I forget the name)
Shorts: Marshall’s
Shoes: Gap
Bracelet: Lucky purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Watch: Fossil
Necklace: unknown
Photography: Brynley Still & Motion Pictures
Embrace what makes you confidence and wear what makes you comfortable.  Peace, Love, & Fashion.  It’s Meeks

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