& Then There Was Five

Just like that Royal Fashionistas are a group of five.  Five lovely ladies who enjoy the same passion: fashion.  Five confident ladies all joined together to celebrate that love.  Five supportive ladies encouraging one another to be the best person they can be.  Five established ladies; all hosting a fabulous career with dedication to family and a love for life.  Five ladies cohesively on a mission to rip the runway, wow the crowd, and dare to be noticed.


We are Royal Fashionistas of San Antonio.

Meek Monroe

Amber Renae

Sabrina The Realtor

April -Minted Muse

No Chill Marissa

Just an FYI; RFSA has so much to offer and we want you.  If you are a fashion forward lady who enjoys dressing fancy and trying new ventures with clothing; we may be the group for you.  Email royalfashionistassa@gmail.com

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