There’s a Cruise & I Need a Swimsuit…

or two.  Maybe three.  Four. Five.  Or; too many to count.  Let’s just say, I’ll own the water.

Here’s a start.  I’ve started my 1 week wait by visiting the lovely South Padre Island beach, which I absolutely love. Ever since my first visit last year; I’m hooked.  Pretty water, gushy sand, and winds that’ll make you forget it’s Summer.  At least I do.

I came prepared this time with one of my infamous mommie swimsuits.  Lots of coverage; little of sexy, but I’m good with that.  Then there was a trip to Wal Mart when my little cousin Celethia realized she forgot her swimsuit in San Antonio.

Who doesn’t love a trip to Wal Mart?

It was the best trip in a long time.  I gave up on shopping Wal Mart for swimsuits years ago because I just never found any that I loved; until this time.  There were so many options; had to get some opinions to decide.  Worked in my favor and found my young, haute mommy sexy.  The girls didn’t even notice that mommy was selling sexy since my tummy wasn’t out; hence I wasn’t nated (Cydney’s voice).   Lol.  Here’s to the beginning of a long week of sexy bathing suits, nated, and all.  Cruise ship… here we come.   Ya ready baby!!


Back to Life, Back to Reality

PHOTOS CAPTURED BY: Celethia Martin (my little cousin)


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