THIN is in & FAT is back…

The image of who you are matters…what others think motivates (positive or negative).  A race has it difficulties…Skin color brings forth its issues…Economic status has its impacts, but WEIGHT and BODY IMAGE is killing the mind and bothering the soul.
Your race can never change…your skin color, not so much either; oh you do have control of your economic status…but your WEIGHT and BODY IMAGE–that is a reflection of you loving yourself 1st to control the most controllable…eating habits, health and fitness.

Here you have…the confidence. The bravery.  The love.  
Body matters only to those who are insecure on benefits in life.  Body matters only to those who cannot foresee what’s important in life.  Body matters only to those who have faults they choose not to change.  Body matters only to those who need something to blame harmless downfalls on.  Body matter only to those who are not able to stand outside of the curves, fat, and large clothing to say I AM FREE, I AM ME.  

Control your body image through the mind with thoughts of how great life is in SIZE not about your size.


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