This Thing Called Hair

I feel that every true fashionista/trendsetter has that desire to switch the hair up a little.  Not necessarily to impress onlookers, but to switch it up a notch.  That’s pretty much how I feel about my love for rocking different looks via my HAIR.

From Day 1 of life, I was natural and then… READ ON!

A little background

…in the beginning, I wore my hair pressed, as soon as I turned 2 years old.  My granny was the worse person ever to press hair. Definition of Pressed Hair: My hair was very curly on a regular basis, which is known as Natural Hair.  In order for my family to easily comb my hair, they chose to straighten it with a hot comb, which was placed on a gas stove to heat to the right temperature.  Pressing Cream was added to my hair, which assisted in protection and sheen of the hair, while enduring that hot pressing comb.  Portions of hair were parted and the hot comb was passed down my hair starting at the roots on down to the end.  The stylist/granny/momma/auntie/nanny/cousin or whoever rendered the services would blow the hot comb as they were in motion.  The finish looked resulted in Beautiful, silky hair and slightly burnt ears.  The slightly burnt ears were not apart of the plan; just the result of me being to jittery during the process.

…and then, I beginning wearing a relaxed hair style, which was done for nearly 17 years.  That too, was a process. Definition of Relaxed Hair: Relaxing hair was the quicker version of Pressed Hair and did the same exact thing.  Only difference, you can get your hair wet and not worry about the texture changing back into it’s natural sense.  Since I have very fine, thin hair, I was only due to use a Just For Me relaxer, which is generally for children with more sensitive scalp and finer hair.  Once you mature, your hair usually does the same and the strength of the relaxer must change to match your hair.  A relaxer was applied by parting the hair in 4, vertically/horizontally down the middle to get 4 parts.  Vaseline covered the edges and top of the ears to keep from burning the skin.  The relaxer was a creamy mix that you applied to the roots of the hair, as close to the scalp as possible; without irritating the scalp.  TIP: your hair could not have been scratched for at least 48 hours or your scalp would burn.  Once the cream was completely applied to all 4 sections, one would sit and let it marinate until their hair was bone straight, then wash the relaxer out of their hair to reveal beautiful straight hair.  Although this form of styling is very damaging to our hair, we loved it.

…and now, I cut the relaxer off after allowing my hair to grow for 6 months, which left me with a baby afro known as my Natural Hair.  Definition of Natural Hair: wearing my hair the way that God intended for it to look.  Since 2005, I have not put any chemicals in my hair, only pressed or flat ironed to get that bone straight, silky look.  I have even worn different hair styles to switch it up a bit; sew in extensions; Box braids; Senegalese Twists; Micro Braids, and now Crocheted Marley Hair.

                 A roller set                             Pressed and Flat Ironed                     Bad Hair Day


The ability to give a different look when presenting yourself as fashionable, truly sets you apart.  I enjoy experimenting with different looks to match my personality and fashion sense for a period of 3-6 weeks.  Not to mention, my hair determines how I will dress and always causes me to switch it up a notch.  I am not sure how you feel about “This Thing Called Hair”, but I am certain you will have gotten a tad bit of education on how I feel about it.

This process is called Crochet, in which Marley Hair (resembles natural hair) is being added into my hair to get a very nice FRO look.  Come right back here for that beautiful look.

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