My Thrift Find & Tips on Styling

It’s no secret I love thrifty finds; I’m old-school babeyyy.

As often as I am told to find other thrift shops around the city, I always circle back to my go to for the best vintage style pieces; blazers, skirts, suits, and shoes, the Goodwill over near the North Star Mall here in San Antonio.  Kinda like the saying, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.   So why would I change my spot for thrifting when the one I shop is already a winner.  Booyah!

Besides this Goodwill is such a large store and I always find the best pieces, hence this sweet jacket-shirt I am wearing in this post.  I went straight to this location to find blazers, in particular one with a herringbone pattern.  Although I did not really find that style of blazer; I was in a rush that day, I did find several in tweed pattern and a different herringbone pattern that I like.  That blazer resembled one at J.Crew which is $200 versus $4.99 at Goodwill.  Can we say winning.  YEP!

Anywho, enough blabbering.  I paired my jacket as a shirt with my faux leather leggings from; which are 4 years old along with my leather thigh high boots and Gucci belt bag.  As Cardi B would say; it’s exclusive.  You may not have heard her say that phrase because it sounds like she’s saying “it’s expensive”.  Ya’ll know how I feel about that trashy song she made, but that’s a story for another day.  So enjoy these pics and let me know your thoughts on this jacket.


— Pair the shirt with leggings or skinny jeans.  This allows the jacket to stand out and not clash with your bottoms.  If you desire, use a belt to cinch your waist to showcase your curves.  You can also wear as a jacket with a shirt underneath paired with boot cut or flare jeans.  Make sure to allow the jacket to function as the focal piece to not clutter your overall look.  Would go perfect with green cigarette style pants or red for a holiday look.

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