Thrifty Thursday: Shoulder Pads

After a good day of Goodwill thrifting, here’s what I’ve found.

As a little girl, I totally stayed away from blazers and blouses with shoulder pads; my arms were too lean and shoulders bony…that look scared me.  Now, I am all into the broad shoulder look, especially since it takes me on a blast from the past, when I am rocking a vintage piece.  I proudly share this favorite of mine, a long-sleeved, silk blouse, with shoulder pads and a little detail on the neckline and shoulder blades.  If you have a passion for vintage, trust, you too will enjoy this piece.

I always pair my vintage finds with an up-to-date piece to capture a balanced look.  This allows the overall look to highlight the vintage piece, rather than confuse the eye as to what look I was going for.  Any true fashionista can see that this blouse does not need any statement, it is the statement.  The high neckline, with custom stitching, right beneath, which has little holes to slightly reveal the skin, can hold an audience all on its on, besides, how else would you bring all emphasis to this lovely top by pairing with an equally vintage piece; you can’t.
I have paired the blouse with high waist, bell bottom trousers, black leather leggings, and white skinny jeans, which are all basis enough to allow this blouse to present a very elegant look.  I’ve tucked the blouse, worn loose, and even with a thin belt around the waist and each time, I’ve delivered a Vintage -up-to-date balanced look that caught the eye of many “lovers of fashion”, Share your vintage finds with me.  I’d love to see how you pair those items and make the perfect look.

In this look, I went with the white, Skinny Leg jeans and Blush colored pumps.  You’ll like the balance after I added the basic grey shoulder bag/clutch.  Nice and simple, yet very classy.

Blouse: Goodwill in Lake Charles
Jeans: Old Navy (in Long)
Shoes: Vince Camuto from Nordstrom Rack
Handbag: Francesca’s

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