Thrifty Thursday: That Blouse

I am a total sucker for a nice, box, silk shirt.  Not only is this blouse classic and perfect for a suit, but it is very well made.  This shirt, like some of my other thrift store finds have shoulder pads. I am a lover of shoulder pads.  The lovely tan tone, silk top, is fashionably perfect for a Texas Winter.  Perfect look for a week of appointments.

A little scoop on the finished look.  I grabbed the pencil skirt from a Banana Republic store in this burgundy tone, with no idea what to pair it with.  I browsed my closet looking for the perfect shirt for that skirt to have a little vintage flare since the shirt is a tad bit old school.  It was almost a no brainier that the colors would work perfectly; therefore, this blouse stood out.  I wanted to go away from a white/black classic top and add a little flare to the look.  I actually have 2 of these blouses; the other being gold, which I thought to pair with the skirt also; however, I have other plans for that piece.  Stay tuned.

Being able to pair vintage items with an in-style piece truly offsets the look, but doesn’t remove the vintage flare.  I love pencil skirts, as they are perfect for my long legs and high waist.  For the longest people did not understand why I never wore low rise jeans; simple, they do not fit well with the way my body is shaped.  I prefer medium to high waist, with high waist being my ultimate choice.  Fortunately, I cared not about what others thought and wore what makes sense for me.

TIP:  Style is something that expresses who you are.  One must never be apologetic or feel the need to explain their choosing in pairing pieces.  However, there is a such thing as tacky.  You must know how to differentiate between the two.  When dabbling with colors, you are able to do so without looking tacky.  Always assure your clothing fits appropriately and that it is crisp.  Going up a size is not a bad thing; it’s a smart thing to do in fashion.


Top: Goodwill of San Antonio

Bottom: Banana Republic ($15)

Shoes: Tory Burch from Nordstrom Rack

Clutch: Gap (9 years ago)

Necklace: BCBG Maxazria from Dillard’s

Another favorite of mine: being able to pair designer pieces with thrift store finds.  I am a lover of multiple shopping arenas to define my style

1. Designer 2. Thrift 3. Vintage 4. Sales shopping 5. Clearance Racks 3. Outlet Malls
The biggest hurdle for me to overcome was my love for Designer.  That seems to not sit well with people; not sure why, but when you love something and work hard for it, you deserve it.  Loving fashion comes with a certain level of boldness and confidence.  No one will wake up into it without the experience.  Enjoy the look on today and definitely share with me what influences your style.
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