Trash or Treasures: What’s in Your Closet?

I can use this lovely polka dot blazer in my life

In the look, I’m wearing a basic oxford shirt, paired with distressed jeans.  The blazer was added to enhance the presence of the black shirt; and the pink shoes to make the look pop.  If you remove the blazer and shoes; I am in a basic outfit.  Those 2 pieces are what enhances this look for the ultimate style statement.

A closet most definitely must have essential pieces, if you’re ever planning to find and create your style.  Your style is truly a depiction of who you are.  Going into your closet to find an outfit depends on your morning mood, day plans, comfort level, and such; which is why each person will look extremely different even when wearing the same threads.

Here is a list of pieces that I swear by, to ensure you have what you need to survive this thing called fashion.  Be certain to visit your closet and start a GOOD, healthy detox.
If it doesn’t fit; donate it.
If you aren’t sure about it; donate it.
If you haven’t worn it in over 6 months; donate it.
If it looks weird, at first glance; donate it.
If you don’t know why you ever bought it; donate it.
If it still has a tag and you have no idea when you bought it; donate it.
That’s what I call a healthy detox.  GOOD LUCK!
What are you wearing? Are you sure it's stylish. Here are some options to consider when in your closet.
Each piece is essential for your closet because of the flare it’ll add to whatever look you are going for.
1. White Button Down Shirt: for all occasions; dress up or down; pair with every item in this chart, easily; depending on the statement you are choosing to make
2. Denim Shirt: perfect for Denim Day at work; casual wear for errands; and dressing up with a skirt.  Be careful with wearing with a blazer.  Make sure the shirt is a good fit
3. A little Black Dress: a must have for a quick outfit; always perfect with print shoes (animal/floral); a blazer, tights and pumps.  This dress should always keep it’s color and never worn down
4. Pattern Dress: This is your ‘I feel sexy dress’.  Pull your patterned dress out for big meetings, fun events, out on the town.  Always pair with a subtle, yet fun shoe (hot pink, red, royal blue, etc)
5. Basic Cami: must have a white, black, and navy for anytime wear; and 1 fun color to pair with your light pieces.  Wear with suits, under cardigans, under a sheer shirt, or just as your t-shirt of choice
6. Khaki and Black Pants: Perfect work work, church or an event.  These pieces should be of good quality and cleaners cared for; as they should last you for years.  Buy comfortable fitting pairs
7. Red Blouse: you should definitely have a colored blouse.  I recommend red, because it’s a statement color in fashion.  You can pair it with navy, black, tan, brown, etc; so it’s very versatile
8. Bodysuit: I like bodysuits for the fit.  It does not move or have to be tucked all day.  This is perfect for days when you have a lot going on and no time to fight with a shirt.
9. Blouses: Always keep at least 3 blouses; 2 solids and a print blouse.  This allows you to have versatility in your looks all while wearing the same basic pieces.  Change a shirt and shoe; you change a look
10. Jeans: You need GENUINE denim jeans; not jegging jeans.  Go for a pair skinny/relaxed fit; boyfriend; straight leg; flare; black; and distressed.  4 pair is a good start and can hold you for a year or so
11. Flats: must be chosen carefully.  Round toe flats look lazy with a nicely paired outfit.  Go for pointy toe flats and purchase good durable ones.  Some destroy fast at the toe and you do not want that.  A GOOD pointy toe flat can replace a pump and not change the overall chic appearance of the look.  A circle toe flat is for running errands, paired with denim and a tank; not for wear with your suit and dresses.
12. Tanks: It’s always good to keep a few tanks lying around for a laid back comfortable day of shopping, errands, picnics, etc.  A quick go to when trying to leave the house on time
13. Blazer: Always have a GOOD blazer.  Start off with 2: black and tan/navy.  This should last you for a year or so.  Your blazers should be stiff, good quality, and well stitched.  GUIDE TO QUALITY SHOPPING
14. Skirts: Same story as a blazer.  Two well made skirts are important.  This is a fun choice.  A pencil skirt is a good fit along with an A-Line or pleated ones.  Just make sure to purchases good quality skirts
15. Shoes: We have tons of shoes, but how many are well made, quality shoes?  Always keep a great pair of black pumps.  For fun, have 2 pair other color pumps that are also well made.  I recommend nude and red (or any tone in the red family)
 I'm a sucker for a good blazer and these polka dots are giving me life.
CLOSET TIPS: As you can see in the above guide, there are a good many black and tan pieces.  Those are 2 colors, which will pair well with just about anything; that helps my “non-fashionable” (no pun intended; it’s the phrase most referred too when asking for fashion tips) followers learn to sort through their clothing easier to create perfect looks and find what fits with their style.  It is so important to have a little color and pattern mix also.  These are pieces that makes the look POP.  For ideas on how to pair your basics with other pieces from your closet to truly get in touch with your style, read When, What, Wear. Share your photos with us on the Skinnee Girl Confidence Facebook page.
Back to life, Back to reality…
These shoes are to die for. I want them, I want them
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