My Trip to New York Fashion Week…Baybeyy

I have finally stopped my life…in a Beyonce kinda way “world stop, carry on” to share with you all some of my experience from NYC fashion week from September.  Please know that I will probably forget something, because that’s what I do.  Apologies in advance, but all love.  Here’s a video recap of my fun in the Big Apple.

And then there was some street style…but of course.  I did not capture as many pics as I’d hoped too because I was too busy being amazed and photographed.

During the Marc Jacobs show I was able to grab both video and photos to share with you all.  Do bare with me on quality as the pics were from a far distance.  This show is “invitation only”; therefore, I was not seated on the runway with the other guests.  I was in my own little VIP spot and it was just perfect for what I needed.

I am super eager for my next trip to NYC for fashion week February 2018.  Until then, Muah!


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

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