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Generally when I travel for work I can pack very light, because I am in and out of client meetings, which calls for professional dress; easy to pack.  This trip is for training, bonding, and fun.  That requires more looks, more pizzazz, different flavors of wardrobes, and a bigger suitcase; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since they have a small chill going right now, these looks are perfectly paired just for that.  I chose my Amalli Talli camel colored cardigan as my focal piece for each look.  My go to for a focal point piece is generally shoes.  I can go overboard with shoes when I pack for a trip longer than 3-days.  In this case, packing a big jacket is a bit much; as packing lots of jackets can also be a bit much.  I will share with you how I paired 6 looks with 1 cardigan.  As I wear each look, I’ll share via Instagram for you to view how each look paired perfectly with the cardigan.  Make sure to leave a comment on which is your FAVORITE.

On this trip, I need 6 looks, as we will have all-day training then events on 2 of the days. Here’s what I’ve come up with.  Each look brings a different flavor and serves a purpose.  Let me know which you would wear and for what type of event.  Also share how you pack light to avoid luggage fees.

The Camel cardigan from, Amalli Talli: focal piece.

Day 1: Airport/Dinner Look.  YES! I dress nice to travel

Look to pair booties with my pieces.  This is perfect

Day 2: Visit a few friends in the a.m. (Day)

Gosh that velvet top is everything.

Day 2: Dinner with colleagues.  Nothing like Denim & Leather (night)

Leather and denim; who would have thought. great choice

Day 3: Training Look, giving you the Blues (day)

I love a monochromatic look.  This wins

Day 3: Bowling in the city (night)

Oooh lala , a fur vest is perfect.  I love it.  Casual chic look

Day 4: Training Look, picture perfect

Perfect look for a day at work.  Love the boot and  skirt with the same color

And now I realize that I am actually 1 look short; a travel back home look.  Back to the closet I go.

CLOSET TIPS: I’m hopeful you see a look that you like and you’ve been inspired to pair multiple looks with one piece.  This works perfect with boots; jackets; jeans; a skirt; and such.  Pieces that can easily be worn more than once in a week are a perfect match for rerun looks.


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