Tuesday’s Beauty

A Happy Face

I’m no stranger to being conscious of how important skincare is, especially my face.  It’s always been a priority of mine to ensure that my skin maintains its health and vibrancy.m here’s to the beauty regimen I use on a daily/weekly basis to ensure I’m staying fresh and clean. 
I use Mary Kay timewise cleanser and moisturizing lotion morning and night to clean my face.  Since I have a combination of oily and dry skin, I purchase their line fit for my skin type.  I also include Cetaphils Gentle Skin cleanser with an occasional face scrub with Simple’s Smoothing Facial Scrub.  I’m in love with my skin before I apply makeup and these products are reasons why.
I maintain my products and rarely dabble with anything new; “I leave well enough alone”.

It is 2015, Mary Kay offers something for every skin type and tone, so no complaining about their products affect your skin.  Give them a try and you’ll be pleased.  

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