Walk In Denim

Denim is fun.
Denim is alive
Denim is versatile 
Denim is a lifestyle

…and I love denim.  I wish I could go on and on about this Denim Dress, but there isn’t a need…I have photos.

Grabbed from the Diva J’s Boutique collection, over at Flawless Fashionistas; this denim dress was everything for me.  Not only is it denim, but it has a small turtle neck; is form fitting; and vintage.  Oh, do I love vintage.  YES, I Do!  The dress doesn’t call for too much sprucing up, as it is lovely in its own sense.  I enjoyed wearing this piece, which is definitely something for a night out or a fashion show.

TIP: Being a mother can sometimes remove us from our sense of self, especially when fashion is concerned.  I vow to never lose my love for trendy, chic clothing that makes me feel good about who I am.  Clothing is apart of your confidence.  When you become a Mumu Mom, you’ve lost sense of self somewhere along the way.  I am here to showcase how fashion lives beyond your teen and 20s age era and surely beyond motherhood.


I paired the denim dress with a Lace Neon Green/Nude pump from the Jessica Simpson Collection at Dillard’s La Cantera.

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