Want to Color Your Hair?

Sure you do.  Don’t we all?

But there is the fear of damaging your coils and long tresses; or having dry, fried looking hair.  Fear the color no more.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to try the color spray products by Hair Flash Color and boy did I love it.

I started off with the bronze tone and sprayed it specifically on my bun, which is a style I’ve seen before that I dared not try because dying the ends of my hair will definitely ruin it.  This product is safe for natural hair rockers, braid wearers, and fancy extensions; which is what I am styling.

I simply combed my hair as I desired, putting it into a top bun; sprayed the bronze tone color on my bun; and VOILA! I was good to go.  It was that easy.  The spray did not destroy the texture of my extensions, nor did it rub off onto my clothing.  It lasted for several days and was very chic and spruce up my hairstyle.


I guarantee you will LOVE IT!  Just as I did.  Now check out this video on exactly how I applied the product.  Make sure you try it.  Chao!


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

This is a sponsored post, in which I was given free product to review and share with my audience.

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