Wardrobe Capsule – Mustards

Fear your closet no more.

You own every piece so let’s wear it.  Use this wardrobe capsule to set up a week or two of outfits that you can easily grab from the closet to wear for your workweek, vacation, casual days, mommy CEO duties, etc.  Either way, let’s choose chic as your everyday look.

In this capsule, I chose 9 pieces to create 17 looks.  Most ladies ask me to share different styles with them to enhance their daily look; as we are all tired of just the basics.  In this capsule, I chose mustard and the main color and paired the pieces accordingly.  See below more looks that were created from these 8 pieces.  Let me know what other color schemes you are interested in seeing a wardrobe capsule.


Catch you later!
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