What to Wear in Texas Weather


Some say our weather is bi-polar; I say, it’s definitely not stable.  One day a freeze to chill kind of morning with 87 degree lunch heat.  How is that for what to wear on today?  I have a great idea to keep you warm in the chill and cool in the heat.  You’re sure to love this outfit idea.

Since Spring seems to have Sprung!

Happy with a pint of fab, I love it

For a day with uncertainty in the weather, choose to pair your jeans with a thin tank and blazer.  In this look, I went for a fun, flirty tank and linen 3/4 sleeve blazer; just in case the wind decided to blow hard; I would have the extra coverage on my arms.  On the other hand, when the heat began to fire up, I can say bye-bye to the blazer and catch some sun.  Choosing the cute sandals was just for fun; since my toes were recently pedicured.  *Kanye shrug

The scarf; that’s a fashion statement.

Nothing beats that feeling of happiness. Ahhh, she's lovely

In whatever ways you decide to style your Fall to Spring days; have fun doing what you LOVE and DO cause stares.

I so want a Baewatch tank

Oh, I do love lipstick.  Matte finishes are my FAVO!

Choose the best.

That last little addition to make the day.

Now that you are paying attention; here are some fun facts about MEek.

I am very low maintenance on a day-to-day basis.  I enjoy looking great, clothing wise, but I am no huge fan of daily makeup.  My mani and pedis are always way over due and I am thankful to the world that I do not have to shave my legs.  That’s a Hallelujah for sure.  My biggest obsession is shoes; yet I am slow to purchase any at full price, because they always seem to go on Sale within weeks of hitting the racks.  I am a lover of designer handbags, to say the least; and I will treat myself to a new one whenever the sun is shining bright.  The handbag I am sporting is an ALL LEATHER Gucci bag, which was truly love at first sight.  Oh, that’s because I am obsessed with leather.  That and denim (Got Denim).  The handbag is perfect to add flare to any looks and orange is the new black, remember.  Teehehee!!!

Orange is the new black

I’ve never tried to be perfect, nor do I aspire too.  I like my classy little ratchet self.  My favorite color is blue.  Favorite number is 7; date of birth day is the reason.  My biggest fear is dying unhappy.  I want to always live life to the fullest living with no regrets.  I love, love.  I am a huge emotional person and I love showing love to others.  I am very realistic and outspoken, yet thoughtful.  My legs are my best attribute; yet I am most obsessed with my teeth.  I have never whitened; never had too.  I have natural hair; 12 years now, which I get bored with; therefore, I try different looks to keep it fresh.  I am super sociable and very friendly.  If you cannot get along with MEek, something has to be wrong with you. *Kanye shrug  For the most part; that’s MEek.

Loving the colors.

Share with me how you pair your Fall to Spring looks to create fashion.  Cannot wait to hear what you come up with.


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

Fashion looks good on you

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  • “It’s definitely unstable” haha truth!! What about that “terrible” storm we had yesterday?! 🙄😂

    This was such an inspiring way to kick off my week. I love how you love love yourself, and encourage women around you to do the same. I love my freckles and my thick hair. Plus, I’ve always had boobs and I ain’t complaining bout’ that! Haha Now off to get me that BAEWATCH shirt. I love it!!!

    • Thanks Anna. It is very important that us ladies learn how to love ourself beyond the scope of what is seen about us. You know that I am a stickler for that. YAHHH! The Baewatch shirt is everything

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