What’s on Your Menu? In Fashion That Is…

…a safe monochromatic black look, easy on the confidence; denim, looking flawless showing off your fashion sense; or patterns, slaying the game going for the WIN? Whatever you choose; have fun, be fashionable, and be you.

Fashion is a fun game to play and their are no rules; but there are rules. Rules that you should always abide by when determining what look will make the menu for crossing that threshold into the world. There’s tacky fashion. I don’t care fashion. Whatever fashion. It still fits fashion. This looks okay fashion. Slouchy is in fashion. No one else will notice my camel toe fashion. I’ll dress cute tomorrow fashion. And so many other “fashion” looks that are an exception to the phrase “there are no rules in fashion”.

Since clothing makes you look good. And looking good makes you feel good. And feeling good makes you confident. You should always look your damn best. Not for me or your spouse or the world, but for you. So many women compliment my fashion and follow up with “I wish I could look that good”. Well you can. Stop trying to break the rules. You can pull together a top and bottom, cute shoes and make fashion a go. It’s all in the desire. Stop blaming it on time, kids, or money; those are all shameful excuses and you should be embarrassed. Every lady deserves to feel good about how she looks no matter what the day holds.

MY GUARANTEE TO YOU once you update your fashion menu:
1. Enhanced confidence
2. A better sense of self
3. Lots of positivity
4. Exuberating energy
5. Love for life beyond belief
6. Outpouring compliments
7. Additional attention from your spouse, if married/dating
8. A new beau or recognition from a potential, if single and mingling
9. A newfound passion to love yourself for you, unconditionally
10 A desire to never add slouch back to your fashion menu

Who’s with me? READY. Say this with me; I vow to update my fashion menu removing all slouchiness, half ass attempting to dress myself, throw on anything, mix matched clothing looks IMMEDIATELY. I will dress for me. I will fall in love with me again and show the world that I love me and I am confident; whether they like it or not. Move over fashion satan…this chick is back.

Now didn’t that feel good? Let’s have some fun. Let me know how I can help get you back on track for fall with your love for looking and feeling good. After all; that’s what I am here for. I am the lady of all confidence and I want you to be that lady too. Love.

Back to Life, Back to Reality…

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