When I Was in NYC- Reminiscing…

Because it takes me back to my fashion place.


I feel on top of the world in the big city and my shoot back in December made it just that much more possible, as I walked the 12 degree streets of Dumbo Brooklyn to catch these fancy shots.  Thanks goes to Vonecia Carswell for sure.  I give total props to anyone who can hold a camera for 2 hours without gloves to catch photos for myself and my family.  Darling you have a client for life, for sure.


These pics are great.  I’m shutting up now.


Be on top of the world.  Ride on Cloud 9.  Live in a bubble.  For as long as you choose.  It’s your life, own it and let the world know.  Chao now!



Back to Life, Back to Reality..

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