When’s The Fall Weather Coming to Texas?

It’s Fall ya’ll…or is it?

Chic and classic.  Loving the designer

These 90 degree days are feeling more and more like Summer to me; hence I am still wearing short shorts and sandals.  Luckily there is a very light trench coat sitting in the back of my closet ready for wear.  With the mornings being airy and the afternoons HOT, this thin coat is perfect for my daily wardrobe.  I can always throw this over my simple looks, paired with a scarf and cute shoes to make the overall look pop.

In the pics, I am flaunting my absolute favorite coated jeans and basic tee; paired with a caramel colored belt, white shoes, the trench coat and a scarf.  Ode to these pieces coming together like a BOSS; definitely made me look chic and classic.  Truly a simple look gone fashionable.


I started the look off with a basic white tank and black coated jeans.  This is truly a very simple look before being accessorized.  You can opt to wear this very look with a pair of tennis shoes, sandals (cuff pants at the bottom), flip flops, or mules because the look is basic.  I chose to jazz it up a notch for a day of client appointments, by simply adding the colored Gucci Belt, Khaki Gap Trench coat, White 1.State Pumps, Red Dooney & Bourkey handbag, and a Burberry Scarf.  The Gucci belt was the only odd ball in the look, yet perfectly pulled together all of the pieces from top to bottom.  The red handbag drags out the red stripes in the scarf while the white tank and shoes pair perfectly together with the khaki trend holding the nude tone.  The overall look presents as chic and stylish, perfect for an airy day in these streets.  Just ready for the thick sweaters and overcoats…but that may never happen in Texas.  Wishful thinking.

Be chic with your fashion.


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