Who Wear Short Shorts

Spring is here, summers near…it’s going to be a hot one.  Bring on the short shorts epidemic.  Let’s kick it off with this photo, which I found on Pinterest under a search for “short shorts”.  Yes, you are laughing right now, because this is totally funny.  Now on to some really cute short shorts for you to consider this summer.
 As you can read, daddy wanted in on the short short epidemic.  Not sure I’d be okay with my hubby rocking short shorts.  TeeheHee, but whatever floats your boat.  Now to shorts that are fancy, cute, and chic.

 As you can see, a little something for everyone…Ladies that is.  I’m really feeling the pockets with a sewn on fabric to recreate a pair of boring Jean shorts.  This is definitely a plan of mine for this summer.  The flag pockets, perfect for Independence Day.  Guess I’m pulling out the sewing machine.  The embellishments are nice also and oh! the flowers. Either way…it’s short Shorts time ladies.  

The most importance with shorts, wear shorts designed for your size and shape.  Some need loose fitting, longer length, patternless ones…others can go for the low cut, flowery, short ones.  Look your best and style your dress…I’ll be impressed.


Here’s to sexy short shorts worn with a blazer to create a professional look of a suit.  Now I am always a lover and fan of a sexy short suit.  This lady delivers on all levels of class, sophistication, fashion, and trendsetting.  Definitely enjoying this look.  I once had a pinstripe short suit, which was super adorable, but it is lost in the wind now.  That was back in 2008.  Sometimes I clean my closet only to miss those long gone items years later.  Hmmmmm.  Either way, enjoy Spring and Summer wearing your best fitting short, shorts.  Later gator!


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