Stylishly Appearing

1: The Pearl offers so many shops, eateries. and boutiques of all kinds.
Makes you want to walk around looking fancy just because.
2: Don’t mess with my Tutu, don’t mess with my tutu.  An old Zydeco song in Louisiana.
 1: These gold boots make me feel alive.
Reminds me of the stomping brothers of Omega Psi Phi.
Those Gold Boots will forever be apart of my college memories.
2: Nothing like having your hubs walk backwards to catch your flow on an escalator.
1: A pair of black, coated, skinny jeans…VOILA!
Many looks to created with that friendly pair of blacks.
Thanks Old Navy for the perfect jeans.
2: This cape is everything.  Tone-on-tone with the Summer sun and a neutral sandal.
 1: Sitting to allow the glances.
There is never a day in fashion where I am not being overly complimented
and reassured that my style is being noticed.
 1: Elegance is a must in my caliber of work.  I am a fashion blogger with 2 daughters.
My looks inspire them and that is one duty I shall never fail on; being their role model.
2: There is always time to post by the NO Parking sign.  Not everyone can park in my space.
1:  Rocking a different look in the same blazer and accessories.
Feeling like a celeb avoiding the Paparazzi.
2: A little social time in Eilan.
Casually enjoying some S.A. heat in faux leather leggings from
Rocked the Chuck’s with the laces tied around the ankle.
Something different since laces can look funky.
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