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We put so much emphasis on Valentine’s Day, but is it really worth the hype?  The day can be fun outside of the thought of begging for LOVE. Love that may never really exist.  So let’s have fun.

Choose a color.

I love that wall of photos, but I love this lady in red even more.

Choose a color that you can love more than Valentine’s Day.  One that you can flaunt, which will make you feel loved and fall in love.  Sometimes we must look within ourselves for love before we can seek it elsewhere.  It’s that love you must have whether or not you have a significant other.  A love no one can take away.  I chose a color and this year, I choose RED.

Loubies are the way to go.  I love red

RED is my color.  My color of love because the color makes a statement without a word.  Hence, Christian Louboutin designed the prettiest shoe on the planet with RED soles.

Those soles speak to the world in elegant, class, and even a tad bit of pain.  It sounds just like love to me.  So again I ask you to choose a color.  What color will represent love on Valentine’s Day?

Red speaks to me in this elegant, classy look.  I want it



Back to life, Back to reality…

So much fun with the scarf on the ankle.  I must get my hand on one of those.

Wearing: Scarf, Shoes, Skirt, Top, Lipstick

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