I Love New York

Well, who doesn’t.  It’s “The Big Apple”, the city with so much fashion, culture, diversity, monuments, and probably the fastest moving.
Visiting New York City was truly a blast and worthy of a 5-day vaca.  Actually, 5-days isn’t long enough…I need 2 weeks.  I’m sure you’re expecting a load of photos from my NYC visit in this post, but that’s not quite the plan.  I didn’t visit the totally fun sites on this trip, as my husband was not available to attend with me, so I promised him I’d hold off on that tourist stuff until our next trip.  It was tough, but I managed; even though I was able to see the 911 Memorial from my hotel room.  Now that’s love!

Fashion is truly how you present a look unique to your very own liking and how it defines your mood.  Sooooo, I am a leather lover.  Every since I received my first genuine leather belt back in 1998, I have not turned around since. It’s so bad that my husband laughs and me all while shaking his head when I sniff a jacket, pants, or whatever leather items I come across.  Teehehee!  It’s just my thing.  Leather is a piece of fabric that has to be crafted with total creativity, it flows on your body, and hugs your curves in all the right places.  My favorite place for leather purchases is www.Asos.com.  

When I am shopping for leather at Asos, I wait until the items are out of season and on sale.  These shorts were purchased this very way and they are perfect.  How about a boost of confidence to pair those leather shorts with my “I Love New York” shirt.  Ooo, Lalala.  It wasn’t just any ILNY shirt, but a thin, fashionable top.  I won’t say much more, I’ll just let you see for yourself.

When wearing leather, you want to look classy and chic; buy your size.  This really makes a difference on capturing that perfect look.
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